Art & Ai together in a virtual exhibition

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Ascended Imagination is a unique, 3-D and interactive virtual art exhibition, where one can view anywhere and anytime, on desktop, tablet, phone or even through a VR headset!
The three-room virtual gallery is navigated entirely by you, and with a click or tap you can stand facing the integration of Ai effects to Cooper's work - alongside the actual, original art or print for sale. For the first time, see Cooper's landscapes of The Lakes District in motion and observe clouds move, the rain fall and light change right before your eyes!
All works on show are originally produced in charcoal and mixed media, on paper or canvas by Daniel Cooper. The original drawing or painting is photographed then digitally processed using Ai. Equipped with a smart pen, this process is guided by the hand of the artist: using cutting-edge Ai software, a series of digital 'pins' and motion markers are applied to the image and then a short, original video is created and uploaded to the gallery walls. Whilst visiting the show, "Please DO touch the exhibits" to start the videos!
Alongside the videos are static, and framed images of the physical original or print - all of which are available to buy! Viewers can interact with these works too and purchase direct from Daniel Cooper on his official website.
Ascending Imagination is an opportunity to see Cooper's work embrace the unification of the traditional and contemporary - hand and machine-made. The exhibition begins with its opening on SATURDAY 27th JULY AT 7pm BST and then available anytime via the Exhibition page on