Elsewhere - Old Man of and Yewdale Crag from Coniston village



Old Man of Coniston and Yewdale Crag from Coniston village

Original art by Daniel Cooper


Charcoal and mixed media


Black frame, satin finish

More Information

‘LightScapes – Calm After the Storm’ by Daniel Cooper

Showing at The Ruskin Museum from 25 June until 30 August 2021


This artwork is on display in The Dawson Gallery at The Ruskin Museum for Daniel Cooper’s solo exhibition ‘LightScapes’.  It is available to buy direct from the museum only. It is recommended that you contact The Ruskin Museum to make an enquiry, firstly to ensure the artwork is still available. You can arrange your reservation, purchase and/or collection/shipping method.  


Contact details:

The Ruskin Museum

Yewdale Road, Coniston

Cumbria, LA21 8DU

Tel. 015394 41164

e-mail. information@ruskinmuseum.com


On the label accompanying the art, purchases will be given a red spot to indicate “sold”. Your purchase(s) will normally remain on display for the duration of the show and then delivered to you shortly after 30th August 2021. All this will be managed by the artist, Daniel Cooper in collaboration with The Ruskin Museum, and you will not be charged for postage and packing.


Please contact Daniel Cooper if you have any further questions.  

Tel. +44 7770 27 37 88

e-mail. contact@danielcooperart.com