Original art now sold

Welcome to the portfolio of original works by Daniel Cooper, the most comprehensive collection of his paintings and drawings documented online. All works listed here have now been sold and now part of private and commercial collections worldwide. All listed originals have been created from the year 2010 and up to the present day. For user-friendly viewing, the Portfolio is divided up into eight categories, and within each, a list view of each artwork accompanied by their title. Simply navigate by scrolling up and down the page.

Since day one of Daniel Cooper's professional practice, almost every single painting or drawing made by Cooper is documented/photographed by the artist himself, including any public and private commissions. Sketchbook work and preliminary drawings are rarely documented by Cooper, and he often prefers to keep these private. Many of the works here have featured in some of Cooper's most major solo and participating group shows across Cumbria, and this Portfolio is an exclusive feature of danielcooperart.com.