Original art by Daniel Cooper
Format: Landscape
Media: Charcoal and mixed media


Copyright for all images/artworks remains with the artist, Daniel Cooper.

All original works here are now sold, for available works, please see the AVAILABLE page. 

Mythical Plains




Truth Be Cold





Mystical Elevations




Vapour Sails




Rural Sanctuary




The Sun Show




Play of VioLights




Come Rain so Fine




Distant Evening Light Passing High In Enchantment, Act 2




Utopian Motion








The Late Renaissance




Northern Arcadia




Dancing with Fire




Evening Hallows




Treasure in Twilight




Spirited in Ulverston








Beyond the Above




Light Shades




Northern Pyrotechnics




The Grand Divide




Thorcast Revisited




Rural Metropolis




A Stage Ablaze




A Winter's Orchestra




Phenomena in the Firmament




The Great District




In what Distant Reigns from Skies








Land Escape Revisited




A Day of Crafted Moods




Terra Romanticana




The Great Stage




Twilight Procession Revisited




Treasured View




Luna Treasure




Halcyon Revisited




Ethereal Reality




The Late Shadowed Accents




Unto the Hills




Maestro Illuminator



Soar and Peace




Denial or Cope




Sunlight Sonata




The Seers Screen




Super Massive PryoTechnicana




Through the Heaven’s Glorious Design




Adoration for the Soundless Coloratura




Alchemic Variations




Adagio for Momentum




The Cries of the Nocturnal Entities




Pastoral Sonata








Twilight Procession




Composition for an Apparition




From Lucid Alchemy




Renaissance – The Masters and the Mirage




Your Magic Reunites a Circus of Symphonies




In the Midst of Magic




For the Love of Her Beautiful Poetry








The Queen’s Dance in the Nocturnal Winds




Squall of Manic Incantations




Medusa’s Sentiment




A Dance in the Veiled Mirror




Ballad of the Saintly Skies




Before Your Eyes Plays the Cascade of Illusion




Celestial Symphony




Cradle for the Clouds




Gaia Euphoria




Juliet Dances in a Transparent Dress made of Gold




Reflecting on the Marriage of Shadows2




Renaissance Terra Evanescent




The Chimes of a Dance Darkly




The Last Seconds of Hyper Euphoria




The Mad Tempest




The Reincarnation of the Great Disappearing Act 2




The Return of the Super Illuminator




The Ways of Radiance




Wave of Radiance




The Gteat Reign of Light




In the Dark Illumination




The Stage of Shifted Time








The Wave of the Mountain King




Composition for the Sun








From the Feathers of Pegasus




Pyro-Sorcery from the Phoenix




Crossing Future Winds




Caravaggio’s Dream; The Cradle of Darkness




Wind, Rain and Beams - Coniston Water




In the Midst of Melancholy




Twisted Rhapsody in the Golden Sky



Coniston Water from Brantwood




The Infnity Mask




Reign of Light




A Rapturous Arrival The Electrocution of Skies




After the Deluge; A Fleeting Fantasy





Terra Ephemera (view one)

Terra Ephemera (view two)