Original art by Daniel Cooper
Format: Panoramic
Media: Charcoal and mixed media


Copyright for all images/artworks remains with the artist, Daniel Cooper.

All original works here are now sold, for available works, please see the AVAILABLE page. 

The Enchanter’s Tower




Hekate's Symphony




Empyrean Empire




Aerial EccenTricks




Time out of Mind




Silent Island




Silence is Golden




A Sudden Shock




An Evening Ghostly




Vanishing Points




Setting the Stage








Twilight Masquerade




A Golden Era




Wild Delights




Absence and Presence




Aqua Plains Revisited




Cielo Rosso



Dark Energy




An Epoch Enchanted








The Night Watchers Revisited




The Order of Light




Ballad of Hues




The Golden State




Not Dark Yet




The Grey Outdoors




Atmospheric Lakeland Blues




The Setting Phoenix



The Late Saints




Starry Sight




An Evening of Enigma




Apex Flux








Life for a Mountain




Infinities Arena




Shivering Signs




Lake Land Wands




A Local Otherworld




The Last Dance




Fire Flying




Aerial Ether




Eventide Duet




Tricks and Treats




Night Visions




A Silver Lining




Flame Glass Window




Ghost Dive




The Flight of Fire




Mystic Call




Remaining for the Leaving Light




Aqua Plains




The Stage of Thrones




A Brief Time in History








The Essence of Light




A World Passing By








Sun-shot Storm cloud




North and Peace




Emotional Distancing