Original art by Daniel Cooper
Format: Square
Media: Charcoal and mixed media


Copyright for all images/artworks remains with the artist, Daniel Cooper.

All original works here are now sold, for available works, please see the AVAILABLE page. 





Witch Way




The Magic Circus








Directing Darkness




Mystic Plains




Fall and Rise




Subterranean Meditations




Saints and Shadows




A Fluid Fortune




Lone Moon Phase 6 - Super Blood Moon, January 2019




Space Shifter




The Northern Shrine Revisited








Gaia’s Aria




Fire and Brimshine




Aura and Peace




White Diamonds




Super Scintillator








Golden Trickster




Lone Moon, phase 2




Lone Moon, phase 4




Lone Moon, phase 3




Bells of Midas




High and Seek




Lone Moon




Beaming Bright




Golden Ghost




Evening’s Illusion




Cool Fields




Twilight Silhouette




Twisted System




Veil’d in White




The Monarch of Twilight




World Gone Wild




Momentary Energy




Stagecraft Revisited




Past & Future




The Order of the Night




Land Castles




Twilight Flamenco




The Shifting Sunset




Shrouded in ucidity




Beyond Terra Firma




Night Shades




Pyromancy from the Phoenix Revisited




Dream Sequence




Jewel Forecast








In the Midst of Obscurity




Spring’s Cool Chorus




Aurous Lantern




Smoke and Spires




Composition for a Deluge




Split Seconds




Gaia Operetta




In the Midst of White Magic








Dancing in the Darkness




Rural Eden












Solar Nova




Angelic Illuminator




Noctis Lucis - Night Light




Stellariffic Stanza




Aurora Expressivo




Archaic Coda




Yonder Plains as the Eves Entertain




Winter’s Castles




Aerial Enchantments Revisited




Free Fall




Smoke and Motions




Where Light Through Yonder Window Falls




Arctic Bonfire




Aurora Euphoria




The Witching Towers




Kingdom of Light




The Witches Dance – second movement




Four and Peace




The Late Escape




Evening Treasures




Darkness in Wonderland




A Skyline Chorus




The Vapour Curtain




The Monumental Illumination




The Saint’s Sundown




Curved among Columns




Suite for the Summits




The Gleaming Towers




The Mad Tempest Revisited




In the Demystified Shine




The Torrential Trail








Breaking Nimbus








Noctis Lucis Scene 4




The Crystal Palace




Renaissance Paradise Found




Terra Tempestas








Prism of Diamonds




Jewel Beams




Cosmic Concoctions




Spontaneous Exaltation Epoch of Ignis




Phantomime at the Mere




Fire and Thrones




The Tranquillity Show




Queen of the Resplendent Blues




Hallowed in the Presence of Solitude




Spectrical Fiammetta




Romeo Sets For Juliet’s Silhouette




The Saint’s Trill




Ceremonial Habanera




Dusk Charms Her Demureness




Altered Interlude




Spectral Falls




The Merchant in Veils



Renaissance; Patient Processions




Somewhere a Queen is Reaping




Hope abates Despair




Renaissance - Luna Nova








Aurora Lunar Ignites Symphonies




Wonder Lands




Waltz at the Duetto Amoroso




Fall of the Fractal Halo








The Epoch in Rapture Rehearses a Harmony




The Knights Concerto




Who Knows Where the Time Goes




Through the Broken Pieces of Yesterdays Light




Somewhere a King is out of Sight




Spell Finder




Hosting a Cadence of Wands




The Witches Dance




A Dance around the Supernal Sky




Spectral Phase




Epic Incalescence




Arrangement Representing a Low Shroud




Arias Above and be Yonder




A Parade of Desires




The Enriching Hour




The Trickery of the Sky




Spectral Pulsar




Luna Electricana




Insane Rain Revisited




Arrangement Representing a Scorn Cloud




Adoration of Enchanting Shades




The Witching Shower




Evening Looms into Scintillating Elevations




Eros Falls for All Adorn’d




The Elusive Monk who Wished for a Vortex




Restless Metamorphosis




An Echo of the Phantom Clowns




Copper Costumes of Glowing Fabric




Gaia Glider




Super Lunar




A Ballad for the Lonesome Wraith




Where Your Gentle Wings Spread Wide




Renaissance – After the Ninth; An Eve so Darkly Light






Gaia Sparkler




The Dancing Wizard Manifested a Blizzard




Transient Conversations from the Incandescent Performer




Hyper Illuminator




Aerial Enchantments




Request from the Mystic Swords and Sparks




TerraScape – Act 2




The Elusive Joker who wore a Venetian Mask




Operatic Ambiguity




Frightening Illuminator




The Elusive Charmer Summons Sirens to Flight




Still Beyond Reach




Spinning Spells at the Ballet of Mages




Spectral Field




Missing those Secret Phrases




Escaping a Reality Adorned in Morality




After the Deluge Utopian Choir




Song for the Spirited Ballerina




The Ghost of Her Heart




Fragments from a Hallowed Cloak




After the Deluge Lambent Variations




Adoration for Her Darkly Kiss




The Spirit of Ulverston




Winds of Desire





Twisted Rhapsody in the Silverd Sky




Timeless Rhymes, Abstracting Time




Thor and Peace




The Tail of the Blind Leviathan




The Sound of a Thunder that Roared out a Warning




The Mask of Memory




The Mad Scatter




The Jokers Dance and the Kings Romance




The Elusive Angel who wore a Florentine Dress




The Dancer Meets a Seductive Land Calling




The Crowning of the Veiled Magician




The Circus of Incandescent Illumination




Angels Rehearse Arias created by light




Sways of Fantasy




Super Illuminator Landing




Spectral Interference




Silent Morning




Silent Dancers in Moonlight




Sensual Arrangements Roam and Hang




Renaissance Lunar Evanescent




Renaissance - Invitation to the Illusionist’s Circus




Reign of Illumination




Rapturous Recital for the Lovers’ Gaze




Rapturous Recital for the Incandescent Performer




Queen of the Midnight Dance




Psychic Patterns on Second Sight




Ode to Queen Umbra




Nocturne through Kaleido-cloud




High Shine Shifting




Empyrean Chimes




Dark Aura of the Gold Man




Cosmic Concoctions; The Great Moon




Conversations in Flight




Celestial Chemistry




Cloudscape Composition Moon study 30




Cloudscape Composition Moon study 29




Cloudscape Composition Moon study 28




Cloudscape Composition Moon study 27




Aura Ghostly




An unnatural truth




After the Great Grey in the Sky




A Poet’s Window




A Parade in Wonderland




A Glance at the Conjurors’ Utopia




A Dance around the Diamond Sky




A Carnival through the Winds