Original art by Daniel Cooper
Format: Upright / Portrait
Media: Charcoal and mixed media


Copyright for all images/artworks remains with the artist, Daniel Cooper.

All original works here are now sold, for available works, please see the AVAILABLE page. 

Opera of Exotic Illusion
The Adoration of Enchanting Ghosts
Saintly Falls
At the Fringe of Shivering Thorns
Judgement of the Tempest
After the Staged Fright – Reign of Fortunes
Luna Electricopia
Amidst Adoration for Helios
Pyromancy from Freja
Adoration for a Terra Nocturne
Lunar Essence
The Magician's Game
The Mystic’s Lunette
The Illumination Game
Jewel Beams
After the Deluge; The Great Break
Dark Spells
The Sculpted Scale
A Winter Phoenix
Land of the Falling Sun
The Illumination Game
A Limitless Ending
Dancing in the Deluge
Timed to Perception
Thrill of the Gold Rush
Thor and Peace Revisited
Out of the Blue
Composition for a Spectre
Tricks of the Phoenix
Gaia Pyrotechnics
After Light Alchemy
Festival for the Nocturnal
Angels Rehearse Arias Created by Light
Aspiring Crescent Moon Blues
The Magic of Momentum
Aurora Chaotica
The Rising of the Poets
Terra Wave
Unpredictable answers reflect strange Questions from the Reversed; the artist, Hanging upside-down from a tree by one leg